The Sandoval brothers are the third generation in a family dedicated to gastronomy. Coque, in Humanes de Madrid has been a go-to restaurant for more than 60 years, known for its excellent food and the recipient of several awards, including three Repsol Suns, three M in the Guía Metropoli and two Michelin stars. Its head chef, Mario Sandoval, won the Premio Nacional de Gastronomía (National Gastronomy Prize) in 2013. grup gsr is in charge with PR for both the restaurant and chef Mario Sandoval. We have helped him announce his second Michelin star, his collaborations with brands such as Sal Maldon, Makro and Paradores, his culinary innovations with toro bravo meat, red wine polyphenols, gourmet fermented foods and, more recently, the restaurant’s move to the centre of Madrid.