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Exhibition paying homage to Jordi Estadella

Grup gsr collaborated unselfishly in the organization of the event

27/04/2011 - 30/11/-0001

More than one hundred chefs, journalists, communicators, gourmets and other outstanding figures of the society in Barcelona paid their special and deepest homage to the unforgettable Jordi Estadella by taking part in the opening of an exhibition that captures the professional life of this journalist and that today opens its doors to the public.

From today until the 10th of June, the exhibition about life and work of Jordi Estadella will be on show for free at the Col•legi de Periodistes de Barcelona (Journalists’ Association in Barcelona) (Rambla Catalunya, 10, main floor) from Monday to Friday, from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Chefs and journalists, journalists and chefs… In this case, changing the order of the factors does not change the product, because both worlds, communication and gastronomy, need to be combined to talk about Jordi Estadella.

That is why yesterday, journalists and communicators like Xavier Sardà, Carlos Latre, Josep Maria Bachs, Xavier Mas de Xaxàs, Pere Tàpies or Àngel Casas, together with chefs and restaurateurs like Carles Gaig, Juli Soler, Carme Ruscalleda, Josep Monge, Mey Hofmann, Enric Canut or Manel Tirvió, among others, attended the inauguration of this exhibition paying homage to Jordi Estadella’s figure and career, on the first anniversary of his decease.

The exhibition called “Hasta aquí puedo leer” —the renowned phrase meaning “That’s all I can reveal” that made Jordi Estadella famous in the time of the program Un, dos, tres… Responda otra vez (literally meaning “One, two, three… Please, answer again”)— gathers several audiovisual articles that collect some of his most outstanding appearances in TVE, TV3 or BTV, as well as some of the most legendary audios of his great radio character, Tito B. Diagonal, or from his program in COMRàdio, De boca en boca.

The display also includes the journalists’ biography, “Espacio para la reflexión” (meaning “space for reflection”), the walls of which praise the protagonist through words by friends of Estadella’s, pictures, some of his treasures —such as the Ruperta pumpkins in Un, dos, tres…— and a bar devoted to the love relation between Jordi Estadella and gastronomy.

Carme Gasull, contributor in the program De boca en boca —the project in which he spent the last ten years of his life and the place where he widely spread the gastronomic culture—, was in charge of presenting the exhibition, that, in her words, “was built in an after-lunch conversation with the friends of El Celler de Gelida”. Next to her, Xavier Mas de Xaxàs, journalist in La Vanguardia and member of the board of the Col•legi de Periodistes de Barcelona; Enric Canut, gourmet and cheese expert; and Laura Castellà, who was in charge of the production and coordination of the display, set up the team of curators of this deep, warm exhibition.

In his speech, Xavier Sardà wanted to stress the “emphatic nature, the passion itself and the showmanship that there were in his natural way of expressing himself; he was a friend and a great professional”. As a personal tribute, Sardà and Carlos Latre have recorded a fictitious conversation between Sr. Casamajor and Tito B. Diagonal, the respective radio alter egos that Xavier Sardà and Jordi Estadella played years ago. In this occasion, Latre was the voice for the journalist of reference in post-Franco times that Jordi Estadella created.

According to Mas de Xaxàs, “Tito B. Diagonal was the first journalist that Jordi Estadella had inside himself and talked about real world with sense of humor, which is really necessary nowadays”. Catalina Carreras, comissioner of Civic Relations of the Barcelona City Council, stated that “Jordi Estadella was Barcelona, night and day; he really loved this city and he will undoubtedly be one of its icons”.

As the sponsor and contributing brand, Moritz —an enterprise with which Jordi Estadella had collaborated several times— invited those present in the inauguration to be the first ones to taste the new “Tito B. Diagonal” tapa.
The tapa consists of a bomb with a foie filling, accompanied by a toasted hazelnut mayonnaise sauce and a Modena diagonal, simulating the sophistication of the character that Jordi Estadella used to play. Once presented, the “Tito B. Diagonal” tapa will be included in the usual menu of the Velódromo bar in Barcelona from May on.

A percentage of the profits produced by the sale of this tapa will be devoted to the education of Mauro, Elisa and Jordi Estadell’s young son.
Unuder the shelter of the Col•legi de Periodistes de Barcelona, the sponsors that have made this exhibition possible are: Ajuntament de Barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona, Institut de Mercats de Barcelona-Ajuntament de Barcelona, Associació de Comerciants del Mercat de la Boqueria, Moritz, Celler de Gelida, Embotits Salgot, Freixenet, Bodegas Mauro, Agustí Torelló Mata, Associació Catalana de Sumillers, Alimentaria Exhibitions, and Mútua General de Catalunya.

With regard to the collaborators, one must also highlight the role of BTV, Albert Malla, Montserrat Pujadas, Josep M. Francino, R4-RNE, RTVE, Soundub, RAC1, COMRàdio, grup gsr – produccions de gastronomica, TVC, Servis Group, Suquet de l’Alamirall, Ana Saura, and CCI – Consultores Alimentarios, among others.

This would not have been possible without all those who took part in this deep tribute to Jordi Estadella that has already become an exhibition and… “that’s all Ii can reveal”.